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Water damage: When disaster strikes, delay in response time can cost thousands of dollars in loss of inventory, property and additional living expenses. Without quick and skilled restoration services, water damaged items become non-salvageable, costing you thousands of dollars in replacement costs. PCR can cut your replacement costs. We accomplish your cost savings by using proper drying techniques that restore soaked structural materials to their original condition. PCR also works to prevent future moisture problems and protect the unaffected areas additional damage. These techniques will inhibit growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

Mold : It is important in todays litigious environment to call a professional firm to handle water losses. Timing is critical to the drying of a structure to prevent the growth of destructive mold and mildew. However, in the unfortunate event of microbial growth PCR understands the importance of remediation. Some species of mold and mildew can cause serious health complications. It is important to have a specialist perform proper removal of contaminated areas. PCR has a staff of trained technicians using the latest technology in remediation to properly eliminate harmful microbiological contamination.

Fire: When fire strikes your home or business it is critical that you hire an experienced contractor to handle your repairs. PCR works with you and your insurance adjuster make sure your home or business is repaired properly. PCR has the expert personnel to produce an "accurate" scope of repairs that will cover fully all the repairs that are needed to correctly repair your home or business.